VIEVE Self-Adhesive Stick-On Lash (Luna)

VIEVE Self-Adhesive Stick-On Lash (Luna)

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Style  Length (mm)
Luna 7 to 10


The VIEVE Self-Adhesive Stick-On Lash Sets each contains 2 sets of lashes.

It works exactly like your stick-on bras except that is is safe to use as part of your eye make-up routine! Just stick it on and you are good to go!

It looks like lash extensions, is light-weight and you will feel like you are wearing nothing at all. 

After use, you may rinse the strips under mild soapy water to get rid of impurities and let it dry before putting them back onto the lash holder provided in the package.

For optimal use, use VIEVE self-adhesive lashes on clean eyelids.

Our eyelashes are carefully handmade using premium quality fibre that is ultra soft and durable.

Each Lash Set Consists:

×2 pairs of self-adhesive stick-on eyelashes

×34 strips of reusable adhesive gel

Why Choose VIEVE Self-Adhesive Stick-On Lashes?

  • Comes in an exquisite package that compliments organized storage on your vanity table.
  • Revolutionary design and the FIRST in Singapore to launch!
  • NO glue, NO magnets, NO eyeliner required!
  • Handmade using premium quality fibre.
  • 100% cruelty-free eyelashes
  • Ultra-lightweight, you may even forget you're wearing it, holds well all day.
  • With proper use, maintenance and storage, our self-adhesive stick-on strips can last up to 50 uses!
  • The self-adhesive stick-on strips are detachable and washable.
  • We offer after-sales support to guide you on using our clip-on lashes.

How to Use:

  • Clean your eyelids.
  • Using clean hands, align the self-adhesive stick-on strips along your lash line.

*Detailed instruction is available on the product packaging.